2017 Plant Sale

   All plants $1.00 each




 Chadwick’s Cherry –4 LEFT 

Delicious, sweet flavor makes this 1-ounce cherry popular with home gardeners.  Large vines set huge yields and are disease resistant. Developed by the late  horticultural expert Alan  Chadwick.

  HOT Peppers


 Ring of Fire Cayenne HOT – 6 LEFT

 Newer variety that’s an improvement over Cayenne. Similar type and similar heat  (around 50,000 scovilles) but earlier and more productive. Very smooth, bright red  4-inch pods are excellent for drying. The name says it all!

Carolina Reaper HOT – 8 LEFT  

 Believed to be the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper is a serious  scorcher! For  those extreme pepper eaters, Carolina Reaper is a must- for those  less adventurous, they make a great conversation piece in the garden. These  devious little peppers are fiery red with a little scythe shaped tail at the base of  each fruit, hence the name reaper. The heat rating on these monsters is 1,569,300 Scovilles, in comparison the spicy habanero is a mere 100,000 scovilles! 

Habanero HOT – 17 LEFT 

 Compact 12 inch plants yield thin walled peppers that start out dark green and  ripen to a pink-orange color. Organic.

Poblano Medium/Hot – 6 LEFT

 One of the most popular chilis in Mexico! 3 - to 6-inch heart-shaped fruits are  usually of  gentle heat, at around 2000 scovilles. Used green, after roasting and  peeling, it is the classic pepper for chili rellenos. Dried, the fruits turn a rich dark  red-brown and may be ground into an authentic red chili powder. Plants reach 2  feet or so and require a long season.

Estaceno Chile Pepper Medium – 2 LEFT!!

 A genuine Northern New Mexico chili, a family heirloom of our grower, Jeff Martinez,  whose family had it from at least the time of his great-great grandfather. Pods are thin walled and hot; size varies, up to 10”. Use green in chili verde or salsa, or dry  them to dark red for chili powder. Named for the Espanola Valley village of Estaca.

  Craig's Grande Jalapeno  HOT- 18 LEFT 

A big, fat jalapeno that is perfect for making lots of salsa. Perfect for anyone who  loves jalapenos. It has thick, flavorful, hot flesh.

 Arroz Con Pollo – 4 LEFT!!! 

Originated in eastern Cuba. Another Caribbean “seasoning pepper!” Looks like a  habanero but remove the seeds and there is no heat, just delicious flavor. Plants  have high yields, best harvested orange to red. For an authentic Cuban recipe,  sauté with onion, garlic, annatto,  and add with fresh chopped cilantro to a pot of  beans.

Leutschauer Paprika  Pepper – 2 LEFT!!!

A lovely drying pepper that comes from Matrafured, Hungary. It has been grown  there since the 1800's when it was brought from Leutschau (Slovakia). These  medium-hot paprikas have  great flavor, are terrific for drying, and make a delicious  spicy powder. Very rare!

Mild/Sweet peppers


Banana Pepper – 6 LEFT

 Classic, sweet wax pepper that has been grown by generations of gardeners.  Sleek, tapered fruits reaching 6-7" long, 2" wide, are a translucent ivory color when immature, ripening quickly to stunning red-orange. Superb in pickles or stuffed, in salads, and more. 

 Pizza Pepper – 11 LEFT

If you like the flavor of hot peppers but not so much fire, Pizza Pepper will be a hit. Big pepper wedges with just a hint of zing, especially suited for topping your pizza. The 3-4 inch pendulous, cone-shaped peppers on 14-18 inch tall plants are most flavorful when green, and sweetest when red. Organic, open pollinated. 

Ajvarski – 8 LEFT 

Roasting pepper from eastern Macedonia. Two-foot, stocky plants are covered in 6-  to 7-inch,  broadly wedge-shaped pods that ripen green to deep, rich red. These  peppers are incredible. When you grow them in certain soils, on a hot day, you  can  smell them on the plant from 10  feet away. And when you throw half a dozen  on your grill, everybody in your neighborhood will smell them! (read more of the  detailed description at Baker Creek Seeds’ website).

 Criolla De Cocina Pepper – 8 LEFT

This small pepper was collected in 1988 in Nicaragua from a farmer. It produces  small, wrinkled/folded 4" peppers that are fragrant and richly flavored; these have  strong pepper flavor making them perfect for a variety of dishes. Fruit is green  turning to red as they ripen.

Marta Polka Pepper – 5 LEFT 

Large, elongated bells ripen to golden yellow. Plants are very compact, but very productive nonetheless. Tolerates adverse growing conditions. 

 Quadrato D'Asti Rosso – 10 LEFT

 Very thick, brilliant red flesh; the fruit are huge with delicious rich-sweet taste.  Excellent for frying, salads or stuffing; one of the largest red bells, beautiful and  blocky. Large plant that produces large yields.

 California Wonder 300 – 20 LEFT

  Each plant produces wonderfully sweet bell peppers that are typically 4 lobed,  thick-walled, and blocky. Large rich green fruit turn red on the bush. California  Wonder 300 makes a first-rate stuffed pepper. Open pollinated, organic.

Sweet Yellow Stuffing/Mini  Bell – 8 LEFT 

 1950s variety, handed down from an Amish grower in Indiana. The very productive  plants produce the cutest little mini bell-shaped peppers, only 1-2 inches across! 

Sweet Red Stuffing/Mini  Bell – 6 LEFT 

Same as above, but red! 1950s variety, handed down from an Amish grower in  Indiana. The very productive plants produce the cutest little mini bell-shaped  peppers, only 1-2 inches  across! 



 Sage – 6 LEFT


  Lemon Queen Sunflower - 3 LEFT!!