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Garden Packages


The DIYer

The perfect package for someone looking for some fresh ideas on how to make their existing garden even better!  Or for a beginner to intermediate gardener who is starting from scratch and has the time and skills to do the labor him- or herself.  Includes site visit and consultation (tips on siting garden, improving soil quality and drainage, ideas for irrigation, managing problem pests, harvest tips, and more); construction guide for building raised bed frames; soil/compost recommendations; and a Basic planting plan for your favorite vegetables).  DIYers may elect to purchase starter plants from The Yard Farmer--package does not include any beds, labor, plants, or seeds.


The Starter-Upper

Are you excited to get your hands dirty and plan to spend a few hours in the garden every week, but aren't feeling very confident in your garden start-up know-how?  Then the Starter-Upper should fit the bill.  This package includes an initial site visit and consultation; your choice of a Basic, Intermediate, or Complete garden planconstruction and filling of raised beds; the labor of an initial spring planting; and the labor of a mid-season tear-out and replant.  Also includes one gardening lesson following the initial planting, so that you'll know what to do!  Plants and seeds will be tallied separately. Does not include other on-going maintenance.

The Whole Enchilada

This is a great package for busy people who would like professional assistance in the garden on an ongoing basis. The Whole Enchilada includes the same services as The Starter-Upper, in addition to regularly-scheduled service visits, where we will weed, water, prune, trellis, tear out dead/finished plants, and replant where and when appropriate.  Service visits may be scheduled on a monthly, fortnightly, or weekly basis.  If you like, a portion or all of any  service visit can serve as a gardening lesson for you and/or your family!  The Whole Enchilada package is perfect for those households who love to cook and use fresh ingredients, but have less time for gardening.