Pricing and Billing

A Yard Farm is highly customized:  we take into consideration a number of factors when planning, installing, and maintaining your garden.  A handful of these factors includes your property's characteristics (garden location, slope, orientation, access to water, and existing soil conditions); the number of beds we build/plant; the crops you choose; your personal aesthetic; and most of all, your level of participation in taking care of the garden. Each project is individually crafted and priced according to all factors.

To give you a ball-park idea of pricing, the following table presents "starting at" costs, and is based upon a two-bed project (each bed measuring 4' x 8'), using basic lumber.  In this example, service visits for The Whole Enchilada plans take place from early May through November. For descriptions of each garden package, please click here.

Estimated Annual Costs for Two Beds:

package prices 2.png

Steps to getting a Yard Farm

  1. Fill out the New Client Form!  We will then email you a detailed questionnaire to help us learn more about your gardening goals.  If you prefer the phone over email, we can call you instead.
  2. We will contact you to set up a consultation visit. At this visit, we will talk through your goals and expectations, and answer all your questions. Following your consultation visit, you will be billed $120. We consider this as a down payment should you sign up for a garden package, or a consultation fee if you decide not to.
  3. If you decided upon The DIYer package, we will then develop your garden plan and mail you a hard copy, as well as email you a digital copy.  You will then be billed for the amount remaining (starting at $125, for a total package price starting at $245).  Please allow about 2 weeks time to receive your garden plan.  Feel free to contact us to schedule a phone call so that we can answer any questions you may have about your plan.
  4. If you decided upon The Starter-Upper or Whole Enchilada packages, we will supply you with a quote for the project.  Once you agree to the quote, we will develop your garden plan and schedule your garden installation. Following completion of the garden installation and initial planting, you will be billed for that portion of the work.
  5. Clients who sign up for one of the Whole Enchilada service plans will be put on our schedule for regular service visits. Your day and time are scheduled according to your geographic location, and whether or not you would like to be home when we make the service visits. Clients are billed on a monthly basis for their service visits. 

Specialty Crops

While most annual vegetable, herb, and flower crops will be similarly priced, some specialty crops, especially perennial crops such as grape vines, berry bushes, rhubarb, and asparagus are priced higher. Upon completing the New Client Form, you will receive a crop menu, including prices.

Common Options

Additional options that clients may choose to purchase include trellising for sugar snap and snow peas, pole beans, tomatoes, and some peppers; fencing and other strategies to keep out critters; organic-approved pesticides for problematic diseases and bugs; drip irrigation systems; the "food rescue" service for harvesting and delivering surplus vegetables to hunger relief organizations, and more.  

Payment Accepted

We appreciate payment within two weeks of invoicing--thank you! At this time, we can accept cash or checks. You may pay in person, or mail a check made out to Amy Cook to:

Amy Cook, The Yard Farmer

P.O. Box 5110

Bethlehem, PA  18015


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