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What We Do

Garden Packages

The Yard Farmer offers a variety of garden design, installation, and maintenance packages that are fully customizable to your property, aesthetic, and palate.  Please click here to learn more.


School gardens are increasingly popular and for good reason--kids are far more likely to eat healthy vegetables when they've grown them themselves, and understand where they came from. With raised bed gardens filled with new soil, teachers and parents needn't worry about lead or other contaminants often found in urban soils.  The Yard Farmer can install gardens and work with school staff, parents, and students to develop a realistic maintenance schedule.


Whether you run a restaurant or a law firm, a veggie garden is a great way to bring unique beauty and memorability to your business, not to mention the fact that the produce could be an important addition in the kitchen, or a valuable perk for your employees.

Elder Care

More and more elder care facilities are turning to horticultural therapy as a means to keep their clients active and engaged.  The Yard Farmer can build raised garden beds that are wheel-chair accessible, as well as design indoor container gardens for year-round use.

Container Gardens

Apartment and townhouse dwellers can yard farm too!  We can help you grow a huge variety of veggies, herbs, and flowers right on your patio, porch, or stoop using a variety of tasteful containers.  


The Yard Farmer provides garden and farm-scale consulting services for both new and experienced growers.  We can help you evaluate sites for a future garden; advise you on soil fertility, pest management, and other best management practices; and provide you with helpful resources.   

Teaching/Speaking Engagements

Does your organization have an upcoming conference or exhibition that involves gardening or sustainable agriculture? Amy is an experienced instructor and public speaker, and can speak on a number of topics.

Food Donation

One of the biggest stresses of growing food is actually being able to harvest and eat everything coming out of the garden.  Should you find yourself in this pickle, we can help!  If you sign up for the "Food Rescue" option, we will harvest your surplus and drop it with a local hunger relief organization.